Comments on “The Feldenkrais Method: A Dynamic Approach to Changing Motor Behavior”

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Journal Article




Feldenkrais Research Journal, IFF Academy, Volume 1, p.8 (2004)


The Feldenkrais Method® has recently been discussed to fit within a dynamic systems model of human movement. One basis for this discussion is that small changes in one system—for example, enhanced body awareness—has far reaching implications across the whole of human performance. An alternative view on the Feldenkrais Method is argued here. It is argued that the clinical data do not support the Feldenkrais Method as being an effective way to improve motor performance. Further, it is argued that positive outcomes in pain and other wellness measures following Feldenkrais interventions can be ascribed to self-regulation. As part of this discussion, the role of body awareness, attentional focus, and kinesthesia in motor learning and control are explored.

Key words: attentional focus, kinesthesia, motor learning, self-regulation

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